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About us

AT Solutions exists to provide tangible and robust IT solutions to current business environments. Our core existence is driven by the need to build strong business relationships with our valued customers from initiation to commissioning.

‘Gain competitive advantage and reduce your IT costs.’

By engaging us, you are guaranteed of a business success

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Transform Data into actionable insights that inform your organization’s strategic decisions

We have solutions designed to help businesses in tracking their day to day operations. e.g Construction, Insurance, Projects, Engineering etc.

Provide your business with solutions that uncover actionable insights using our business intelligent systems.


Do you have the means to analyze customer behavior from sources such as websites, mobile applications, social media among other online sources?

We can provide you with: Hardware resources(switches, routers, etc), Software (Firewall, IDS/IPS/etc), Digital Security certificates : as part of your network security strategy.

Protect your corporate’s network from unauthorized access or cyber attacks.Let us help you to prevent: Data Loss, Phishing, Spam & Protect against ransomware


Achieve simpler, faster and smart security to your data.

Virtualize and cloud compute with VMware as you also enjoy backup and recovery solutions which deliver high performance data protection.

‘Virtualize your Desktops, Servers, data, network functions & operating systems using VMware’.

Veeam is designed to help you back up, recover & manage your data. It is the solution to current data protection.

Vmware or Veeam can help you increase efficiency while reducing costs.


AT Solutions offer technology solutions that transform the way your organization connects & collaborates.

Laptops, Tablets, Monitors Notebooks, Printers, Desktops Other Accessories‘

Get the right hardware resources for your business’


Consulting, Project management, Big Data, Data Science & Analytics Mobile, Web Development Infrastructures and Networks, IT Service Management Cloud Computing & BlockChain Soft Skills, Business Intelligence Cyber and Information Security, ISO, Quality & Process Improvements


Equip your business with electronic payment solutions that are cost effective’

Organizations should continuously reinvent their core business to stay relevant & leverage emerging technologies to optimize reach and return on investments

Have a variety of ways through which your customers can enjoy their buying experience: our POS machines can create that convenience


MacBook, Desktops, Smart Gear, Pads Smart Phones, and other accessories

Surface Laptops , Surface Books , Surface Desktops, Surface Hubs & Surface Duo , Earbuds Headphones

We also offer our customers an interaction with the innovative world of Apple & Microsoft Surface through its products and operating systems.